Coming To the U.S. – Advice For Foreign Entrepreneurs

by Charles Nellari


Immigration Lawyer - Charles Nellari, Esq.Foreign nationals who are considering expanding their businesses into the United States of America will find themselves struggling to navigate a complex wall of regulations from applying for VISAS to understanding America’s endless laws. With clients in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Asia and Europe I often deal with business setups in the United States by foreigners and the legal issues that are part and parcel to the whole process.

My California based law firm can assist our clients in managing this complicated process: from VISA applications, establishing stock option plans, maintaining compliance with California (or other state laws) and and U.S. federal laws in connection with the offering of unregistered securities.

Helping Clients with VISAS

There are some VISAS that are particularly designed for foreigners who wish to start a business in the United States.

The E-2 VISA

E-2 VISA – is a particularly powerful and common VISA for foreign nationals who wish to start a business. To qualify for this VISA you must meet some criteria (I can help and/or coach you position yourself to better-meet the following requirements):

  • must be a national of one of the treaty countries,
  • have invested or actively in the process of investing in the U.S.,
  • must make a substantial investment (while it remains unclear what the threshold is for this figures range from as low as $50,000), and
  • must intend to return to your home country after the expiration of the visa.
    • The EB-5 VISA

      If the requirements for the E-2 VISA are too stringent, an alternative to would be to apply for the EB-5 VISA, which has more lenient requirements with respect to nationality, but has a financial investment requirement of $1 million dollars (or half that — $500,000 for similar investments in rural areas). The EB-% VISA requires you to create at least ten full-time jobs. While that may seem like a huge hurdle, consider that a common car wash or small restaurant or Taco Stand will easily qualify for such a business investment.

      Applying and qualifying for the E-2 and EB-5 VISAS are just some of the many issues you will face when starting your new business endeavor in the United States as a foreign national. If you are a foreign national wanting to your business to the U.S. or start a new business in the U.S. you will benefit from and experienced lawyer with multi-national experience.

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