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Today’s global marketplace is fueled by the ability of companies to expand their services and products internationally. To grow beyond the confines of the companies home country, companies seeking to grow globally need legal counsel with international business experience and connections to create critical relationships. With an experienced focus on global markets and trade, Charles Nellari works tirelessly to ensure that his clients can leverage cross-border transactions and meet their global objectives anywhere in the world.

Charles has many years of experience in cross-boarder and international business transactions. He helped entities establish in different countries. It is imperative for businesses explore business opportunities globally and take comparative advantage in the era of globalization and international trade. He advised many international banks, airlines, corporations and business entities in Dubai, Singapore and Europe.

Charles advises domestic and foreign businesses on various legal issues associated with investing in different regions, nations and legal systems. He can help small, medium or large business entities find distributors in different countries.

Charles can guide you on agency and distribution agreements and their enforceability in US and foreign courts. Businesses can benefit from his experience in international financing, joint-venture and franchise agreements.

Charles skills in foreign language and cultures, together with extensive transaction and litigation experience shall deliver convenience and efficiency in international matters to small, medium and large businesses.

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