Business Law

Business Law and Commercial Law

    • Contra Costa Attorney, Charles Nellari can help you establish your business; and find unexplored markets in different countries in your efforts to grow internationally. Proper legal advice is important in recognizing and averting potential risks associated with international business and trade. Many companies find foreign markets more attractive to their products and services. Charles can help your business grow internationally.
    • Charles Nellari holds three Master Degrees in Law. His study areas include Corporate & Finance Laws, Commercial Transactions, Domestic and International Business Organizations, Negotiations, Corporate & Individual Tax Laws, White Collar Crimes & Criminology. Charles currently pursues a doctoral program [Ph.D] in ‘Corporate Governance’; and he taught Business & Corporate Laws to law students. His academic credentials and professional experience give credible and reliable advantage to his clients.
    • Charles can draft or review your legal documents, file them with the State and let you focus on your business objectives. He can draft your partnership agreements, articles of associations, agency agreements, joint-venture agreements, power of attorneys and employment agreements. He can guide you on various business contracts and employment contracts.
    • You can obtain advice on how to limit or enhance authority of partners, directors, officers and agents of Business entities.
    • You can seek consultation, advice and legal opinion on various compliance requirements under Federal and State Laws.
  • You can obtain his legal assistance in any of the following areas:
    • Business Entity Selection
    • Formation and Incorporation of the selected entity [De Jure, De Facto, Estoppel Issues]
    • Drafting or reviewing of Business Contracts
    • Compliance Requirements [ Federal and State Regulations
    • Corporate General and Special Meetings
    • Notice, Minutes & Resolutions
    • Business and Corporate Management Issues [Conflict of Interest Transactions, Breach of Fiduciary Duty Issues]
    • International Business & Commercial Transactions
    • Letter of Credit Transactions
    • Exit Strategies

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